Once enrolled you will have immediate access to the Introductory prep video so you can get started right away and work at your convenience. On August 2, 2021 you will have full access to the entire course!

You’ve heard that soft whisper deep inside calling out to you…

“You should write a book!”

You know you’ve always dreamed of publishing a book

A book that reaches more people,

shares your creativity and knowledge,

leads to an instantaneous increase in credibility/authority,

and grants you the distinguished honor of calling yourself an author!

So you sat down and thought about actually doing this…

You may have found a topic…but now what?

You may have actually started writing…but what do you do next?

You may have even questioned your ability to write and questioned whether or not anyone would be interested in your book anyway!

You have struggled with wondering when to find the time to write this damn thing!

So you reached out to youtube and google, checked out numerous blog posts, podcasts, and joined various facebook groups.

However, even with all that information, you still feel so overwhelmed and frustrated with this process and just don’t know what to do.

So here you are…

You feel curious, excited, and yet vulnerable at the same time.

You know that the knowledge you have can be put into a book that will make a difference in the lives of others!

You know that writing a book will allow you to express your creativity, contribute to your field, and grant you that authority as an author!

You can see many people benefitting from reading a book and you know that you can deliver a great book that they would love to read!

You are ready to actually finish and publish a book! Let’s do this!


A guided step-by-step course that helps therapists, coaches, and consultants go from idea to self-published (book launch/marketing secrets included)!

When you enroll in Published...

You will decide on a great topic by going through the decision process on deciding a great topic and doing some initial research to help find the topic you love.

You will define your publishing purpose and book objectives as these will guide you through the challenging inner game jungle and will aid in developing your launch and marketing plans.

You will develop a content plan and then create an outline for your book that will greatly aid you during the writing process.

You will create a state of the art writing plan that fits both you and your schedule. And one that will enable you to successfully finish writing.

You will learn how to do a solid self-edit of your book along with other editing suggestions on a low budget. You will also be given great suggestions on finding a solid editor if you choose that route.

You will understand how to create a winning book cover and be given great suggestions on hiring a book cover designer.

You will be guided through the process of creating a solid winning marketing plan that fits your purpose and objectives.

You will also learn about the various book formats and formatting as you decide upon which book distribution option fits your purpose and objectives.

You will finally create a solid book launching plan by learning about advanced reader copies and many other secrets to getting your book out there!

You will go from idea to published as you are guided through the entire process!!!

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Every book I have ever published has made more money than what this course costs. Plus, when you factor in the added exposure a published book gives you, like podcast guest spots, added clients, speaking events, and other extra income streams. Your Return on Invest (ROI) far surpasses the cost of this course!

Oh and don’t forget you have lifetime access so you can utilize the course to guide you on all your future books! With that kind of access your ROI skyrockets!

Get started today as these prices will no doubt increase in the future!!!

Here’s how it works…

Each of the eight modules represents a mission objective that once completed will bring you closer to finishing your book. Each of the steps within each mission, outlines the specific steps you need to accomplish to fulfill the module mission objective. Once complete, you have satisfied that objective! And then, on to the next…guiding you through the entire process to publish a book that sells and leads to multiple income streams!

Each module contains video lessons that guide you from start to finish while offering the support, encouragement, and accountability you need to get the job done!

The course is not just a simple course, rather it is a guided course. Much like a guided meditation where you simply follow along and do whatever is presented in front of you, this course is built like that. Simply follow along and presto…your book is done and ready!

More About Me

I'm Chris and there is something that I am passionate about and so very sure about...

There is a book or two in us all. Imagine that feeling when you write and publish that transformational book and see the difference you have made in someone’s life!

Playing a small part in creating that transformation is why I now help therapists, coaches, and consultants to write and publish their books! Those authors are the true heroes in life! Reaching people all over the globe!

Let’s now bring to the surface that book or two in ya! Find your inner hero! Then let me be your writing and self publishing guide as you create something truly transformational for your audience!

Your humble guide,

Chris “Rhino” Swenson

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FAQ's About Published

When does the course start?

            The full course is available on 08/02/2021. However, once enrolled you will have immediate access to the Introductory prep video so you can get started right away and work at your convenience. On 08/02/2021 you will have full access to the entire course!

How long do I have access to the course?

            You will have lifetime access to the course and access to any updated versions in the future. Basically, you can continue to utilize the course to guide you on all your future books!

Do I need any special equipment?

            To access the course you will need an internet connection from any device. You will also need some way to type out your book like a laptop with a Microsoft Word type program.

Do I have any support?

            Yes, you will always have the support through the guided videos. In addition, if you ever have any questions or troubles working through the material you can always email me!

Your Next Steps 

You can definitely go from idea to having a self-published book! I know you can do it!

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